Our Difference

The ProTraderInstitute Difference


The curriculum at ProTraderInstitute was developed in a collaborative effort between a man who worked for many years in the financial services industry as a broker, and a professional trader who was a market maker for the CBOE. Their combined knowledge of how most people invest vs. how most people should invest is very unique. Just as important is the fact that both men are natural teachers who practice what they preach and love sharing their insights with willing students who are hungry to learn.

Easy to Comprehend Instruction

The objective at ProTraderInstitute is not to dazzle students with how much we know about the options market. Rather, our aim is to teach students by using plain language, moving through material at a trackable pace, sharing real world examples and being patient enough to answer even the most basic question. When you finish our course of study, we want you to understand the material and be able to execute that understanding in the marketplace.

Actionable Lessons

We vow to only teach our students strategies that we would actually use to take trades with our own capital. We will leave all the hypothetical strategies that either make no sense or would be beyond the reach of the average student for some other company to share. We want you to learn, then to experience.

Limited Number of Strategies

Our curriculum is not designed to teach people every options' strategy that has ever been conceived. Frankly there are dozens of them available. Our experience shows that when individuals get overwhelmed, they tend to give up. Instead, we will focus on a limited number of simple, time tested formulas that most anyone can master and repeat for a lifetime.

Focus on Income

At ProTraderInstitute you will learn how to execute credit spreads in order to generate substantial monthly income. Since the majority of options buyers are speculating on the direction of the market, and since most options expire worthless, why not turn the tables and be the option's seller? Instead of assuming the role of the gambler, you just became the casino! This is a simple but powerful strategy that can produce income month after month. We can show you credit spreads that yield anywhere from 2-10% cash flow on a monthly basis.

High Probability Trading

We will teach you how to find trades that have a statistical probability of finishing in the money over 80% of the time. Profitable trades are critical to your future participation in the options market. Too many first time traders begin by speculating on some hot stock, losing money and then reconciling themselves to the fact that options are just too risky. While there are no guarantees of profits when trading options, we can certainly show you how to turn the law of averages in your favor. There is nothing like making money on a trade to build confidence.

Live Trades with Real Money

This is called putting our money where our mouth is. We share with our students live trades that we are taking with real money in our personal trading accounts. You can use our trades to paper trade, or for general educational purposes. Our mission is to teach you how to trade like the pros. We can think of no better way to illustrate the lessons than by showing you their application in the marketplace in real time.

Real Time Trade Updates

We inform our students any time we close or adjust one of the trades we previously shared. The modification includes all the detail necessary so the student can mimic the adjustment. Students can literally simulate each step of the trading process until they are able to trade on their own, like a pro!

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